There’s around 110 million people on this planet that use Snapchat every day, posting snaps to their Stories and sending and receiving other ephemeral content throughout the day. Most of us are just your average human, you know, just chillin and living life, posting selfies and a funny video here and there.

Some people are Snapchat celebrities for reasons unrelated to the awesome app, and some have found some fame through the app for their hilarity, creative genius, artistic ability, or a mix of all three.

These are all accounts that we enjoy viewing each day, even if it’s for a few seconds. Some people and even some organizations/ entities are new to the app, and are sharing great content, but sadly there are some accounts that we need which haven’t been created yet.

Five of these accounts are listed below, and if you know someone who knows someone, tell that someone to get on this shit right now!

Some people on Snapchat are celebrities for reasons unrelated to the awesome app, and some have found some fame through the app for their hilarity, creative genius, artistic ability, or a mix of all three.

#1: Restaurants. Okay, not every restaurant should have an account. Some local pizza joint wouldn’t have much to share in terms of watchable content, but they could share new deals or something like that. But restaurants in cities that have cool, modern settings and great menus can definitely use Snapchat to their advantage.

It doesn’t even have to be a new restaurant; everyone can use more customers. One thing a restaurant can do is post pics of the food that’s on the menu for the day/week and any specials for the night.

We can all imagine what grilled salmon and orzo salad tastes like, but seeing a snap of it for a few seconds is a great visual that can make a potential customer reserve a table on a whim. If you’re a foodie, then you should check out the food network snapchat accounts.

Even a sequence of videos with a sommelier talking about some great wines in their cellar would encourage wine lovers to come in and give their taste buds a whirl, pairing a new wine with a great meal.

Viewing content through your own account makes it seem like that content was made for you and sent to you, even if it’s a Story viewed by thousands of people. Give potential and even frequent customers an inside look at something, and they will feel like they’re among the “in” crowd and will feel more attached to the brand or company or restaurant.

If you snap it, they will come.

#2: NASA. NASA, because who wouldn’t want to see some awesome shit every day?!?

Watch the Mars rover roam around and go wheeling all over the red planet? I’m down. Watch a new rocket launch into space? Uh, yeah, count me in!

Have an image of some distant galaxy going through the birth or death stage of it’s life? SIGN ME UP.

Of course, they might have to keep a lot of potential content off of the app, but the stuff they could share would be so awesome!

They could even have one of the smart guys there (well, they’re all geniuses; the janitors probably have master’s degrees) explain in a simple way how rockets work, or what life is like up in the International Space Station.

Essentially, NASA can’t post anything to Snapchat that isn’t totally freakin’ sweet.

#3: Museums. LACMA Museum, or Los Angeles County Museum of Art for those who are unfamiliar, already has a Snapchat account and they post pics or art on display with hilarious captions.

What LACMA does well is they make art museums seem worth visiting to teens and millennials, who otherwise don’t really give a rip about art.

Museums of all kinds could share content that gives people an idea of what is on display, and if they present it in a humorous way, young people will give it more attention and might consider popping in for a visit.

Seeing a snap of a caveman or sabre-toothed cat with an lol-worthy caption would definitely keep that museum in my mind and I’d give it visit.

#4: Financial organizations. You may think that this is the most boring and un-Snapchat worthy account of all time, but think about it for a second.

Most Snapchat users are in their late teens and twenties, and are at the point in their lives where financial tips can be a huge influence on how they manage their money in the future.

It might seem boring and unrelated to your life, but money is involved in everything, and understanding it and using it to your advantage can go a long way.

Stock tips or new stocks worthy of investing would be a great idea, and make viewers think about what they want to do with their money.

Tips on saving money or how to create a monthly or yearly budget in a few short Story videos can help college students stretch their incomes and learn tools that will help them for the rest of their lives.

It might take more than a couple videos to share this kind of information, but it would be worth using 60 seconds of your life if it means learning how to save for your future.

#5: Professional Sports Teams. In the last year, some NBA, MLB, and NFL teams have joined Snapchat, but a lot of them are still missing out on the opportunity to share great content.

One of my favorite teams, the Oakland Athletics, have an account and I love getting to see video of the Coliseum before the game and even an inside look on what people are doing to get everything ready well before the fans even arrive in the parking lot.

Seeing video of the game as it’s going on is pretty sweet, and sometimes the person in charge of the account is capturing content while in the A’s dugout, giving you an up close and personal look at all the players and it seems like you’re right there.

When I see these posts on the A’s Story, I always think about going to see a game and remember all the great times I’ve had in the past at the Coliseum.

If you share content of the what’s going on during the season, you’ll attract more people to the games and even remind fans that the team is back in town for a few days, so they need to get a ticket and go see a game before the team is back on the road.

Give your fans more exposure to the team and the organization and they’ll feel more in touch with the team and feel like they have an exclusive inside look at the daily goings-on.

If accounts like these were created, I’d spend more time on Snapchat viewing this awesome content than I already do, and my eyes hurt. Feed my addiction please, I need more.