The Snapchat App. Everyone does it, but not everyone does it right.
Snapchat is awesome because of it’s personal, quick and non-permanent nature. You’re supposed to snap and story, pics, and videos that are interesting, entertaining and relevant.Unfortunately, there are a lot of annoying people out there who just don’t get it. Everyone has those people whose snaps and stories you don’t even bother watching anymore.

Here are nine things you’ve probably noticed annoying people post on Snapchat.

If you haven’t noticed, chances are you’re probably the annoying one.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of annoying people out there who just don’t get it. Everyone has those people whose snaps and stories you don’t even bother watching anymore.

1) Selfies.

We all have those friends (or maybe you ARE that friend) that Snapchats their pointless selfies over and over again.

I’m not sure what’s worse, the try-hard poses or the captions.

No Kendra, I don’t want to see your pouty done up face saying pointless shit like “Ugh school sucks.”

I know that school sucks. I also know that you probably took 27 selfies before settling on the one that shows some boob, but not too much.

There are a few circumstances where Snapchatting a selfie story is okay, but it usually requires you making fun of yourself.

At the dentist with tubes in your mouth? Okay, that’s not annoying.

You laying in bed clearly wearing a push-up bra with a caption saying “Good Morning :)”…? Not so much.

This goes for guys too. A big amount of dudes are catching onto the selfie hype, and it’s no better than the girls.

2) Good Grades.

I don’t give a shit if you got a B+ on your chemistry exam you thought you were going to fail. Congratulations Mark, you’re not as stupid as we all thought you were.

But honestly, there’s an increasing amount of people who use their story as a tool to brag about their academic success. It’s really important to remember this rule, never brag on social media – it’s just trashy.

Unless the snap of your killer grade on an exam includes the correct answers – I am not interested or impressed.

3) Concerts.

Did you go to the Coldplay concert?

If I had any doubts, I don’t anymore. Because after watching your 455-second story of almost every song they played I’m almost glad I didn’t buy a ticket after all.

Unless you’re in the front row seat at Beyonce and she literally licks your phone, there is no reason for you to post anymore than 10 seconds of the concert you’re at.

Put down your phone and enjoy the concert in real life.

4) Gym Time.

Who hasn’t caught onto this concept already?

There’s no way around it: If you Snapchat yourself at the gym, you look like a douchebag.

I’m sorry if you had the purest of intentions when you sent me a sweaty selfie with the caption “Killer spin class,” but I kind of hate you now.

Gym Snapchats are annoying because it seems like intentional bragging and also makes those not working out feel like shit.

So quit it already. Unless you’re recording a clip of someone embarrassingly grunting while dropping something super heavy, leave Snapchatting and gymming separate.

That being said…

5) Healthy Meals.

No one besides your nutritionist gives a shit about what you eat on the daily. We get it, Jenny. You eat kale and chicken for almost every meal.

What I don’t get is why you snap your meals every day and caption it “Yummy :)” or “Gainssss” or worst yet “Summer diet!”

Get out of here, Jenny!

But really, even if the meals you’re snapping aren’t outrageously healthy, no one wants to see what you’re eating every day. Save the meal snapping for items that are particularly cool and out of the ordinary.

And boys, we get it. You can eat a ridiculous amount of unhealthy food and not have a pound added to you. But guess what? Girls can’t, so stop showing off your In n Out every other day of the week.

There’s another kind of meal that you should never post…

6) The “Wife Me Up” Meal.

Nowadays, if a girl makes a meal that consists more of a bowl of cereal suddenly she needs to tell everyone to “Wife her up.”

Congratulations, you put pasta in boiling water and threw some broccoli and bread on the side. This phenomenon needs to be over.

7) Drunk Moments.

Realizing you posted an 115 second story including a drunken keg stand, an embarrassingly accurate Ben Stiller impression followed by a sloppy mirror picture all starring yourself is pretty fucked.

Even more fucked, 81 people including your crush already saw it before you had the chance to delete it. Yikes.

Yeah, it’s probably best that you delete the app before a night of drinking next time.

8) PDA.

Couples that snap or story their cuddle seshes, date nights, and even kissing selfies need to seriously stop.

Unless you’re dating someone famous, I don’t give a shit that your boyfriend got you roses and took you to sushi “Just because.”

Instagram and Facebook posts of you and your significant other is quite enough, no reason to bring it into your snap stories.

9) Nature.

Okay, sometimes the occasional beach picture or gorgeous sunset is nice to look at. But if you live in a beach town and go to the beach every day, a 40 second video of the ocean every time you go is pretty excessive.

Also, don’t Snapchat me a picture of a bunch of leaves on the ground saying “I love Fall.” Pointless.

10) Feet Selfies. 

I’m not sure why girls have begun a trend of feet selfies.

If you’re curious what a “feet selfie” is, it’s when a girl snaps a picture of her feet while standing. Usually, she is standing by leaves, wearing unique shoes, or something else that’s stupid.

This is a definite no-no. I guarantee that no one thinks you’re unique or hipster, it’s been done so many times it’s become cliche.

11) A Story That’s Over 100 Seconds.

Unless you’re literally in Kim Kardashian’s home or the biggest snapchat slut ever, there is NO reason your story should be longer than 100 seconds.

As soon as I see a story over 100 seconds, I tap tap until it’s gone and don’t even pay attention to what it was about.